Civil Engineering

Our experienced ground works and civils teams are able to complete all necessary infrastructure development including: site access roads, trenching, cable pulling, concrete bases, fencing, CCTV bases, site re-grading and landscaping.

Groundworks / Road

Well planned and executed Civil engineering and ground works are major components to the successful build and completion of a solar farm. Careful planning and coordination are essential as these works are generally started at the front end of the project and can therefore set the trend for the rest of the works that follow.

Site set up is the first operation that includes making a safe and well-constructed access route into the site. Site access and site roads need to be well constructed to deal with the delivery of materials throughout the build. Solar farms are often built on very tight programmes with high volume of deliveries in a short space of time. Roads need to be able to take the pounding from the lorries without falling apart. A 40-tonne lorry stuck on an access road will bring the whole site to a grinding halt!

The makeup of the roads varies depending on ground conditions, site location, distance from main highway to the site and planning requirements. Normal procedure is to form a bell mouth off the main highway then construct a temporary access into the site. On some sites, the access track becomes a permanent feature and is used for operation and maintenance works of the solar farm over its lifetime. Access roads are constructed from several layers of consolidated recycled stone and geogrid stabilisation mesh to help maintain its integrity. The choice of stone is carefully selected in respect to the ground conditions and what is available locally.


Trenching for cable runs is carefully planned to minimise disruption and movement of plant and vehicles around site. If programme and availability of material allows, these works are carried out at front end of the project. Ground conditions and weather play a huge part in these works and Arun Construction Services has skilled plant operators and cable pullers that have tackled some of the most gruelling ground conditions. Coordination of the trenching, cabling laying and back filling is essential to maintain smooth productive progress without trenches being open for any longer than necessary.