Operations and Maintenance

Arun Construction has vast experience in installing, operating and maintaining Solar PV systems ranging in size from 4KW to 48MW.

We currently have over 90MW of sites under O&M contracts with our clients. Arun Construction has a unique insight into how to maintain commercial UK and international Solar PV systems to achieve their maximum performance ratio, system availability and therefore financial returns.

The predictability of the financial returns of Solar PV makes it an attractive investment opportunity. A well designed, efficiently installed and maintained system will provide a reliable source of income generation year after year. The key to financial returns is also an effective routine and preventative maintenance programme. If unrecorded, a broken joint, electrical grounding system, inverter fault or even dirty solar panels could lead to a significant impact on overall financial returns.

Operation and Maintenance Service

Arun’s operation and maintenance service is efficient and cost-effective to deliver. Our monitoring systems are able to provide real time performance data 24/7.

Arun Construction undertakes operations and maintenance works under term contracts for solar farms that we have built for our clients or to individual owner operators.

Services include

Routine works can be tailored to suit a client’s requirements to optimise output from their asset but in general terms the following operations are carried out:

  • Monthly inspections
  • Rapid response call-outs
  • Monitoring and analysing data
  • HV trips and call-out
  • Grass cutting
  • Module cleaning
  • Perimeter fence repairs
  • Drainage and access road maintenance
  • Thermal imaging
  • DC & AC electrical testing

This list is not an exhaustive list. Please contact us as we may be able to provide other specialist services. To find out more about our different operation and maintenance packages please contact our office on 01903 734 444 and ask for Rob Hewit, O&M Manager.