Testing and Commissioning

A strong, robust commissioning partner is essential to conclude the test and inspection paperwork at handover stage of the site into its operational stage.

All the relevant DC and AC commissioning, testing and certification up to the point the installation becomes HV, can be completed by our experienced teams. Arun Construction not only provides this service to the solar installations it has constructed, but can apply the same methods to installations that are subject to expansion, repair or alteration.

We ensure the installation is functioning, as it is designed to do, via a comprehensive testing and inspection process.

All relevant certification is completed and handed over to the client at completion of the project. The high standards and rigorous testing and inspection on all aspects of a solar installation ensures it complies with all relevant UK electrical standards and health and safety standards.

Inspection, Testing and Report Services

  • Fixed installation and inspection to BS7871
  • Periodic installation, inspection and testing to BS7671
  • Installation verification reports
  • Earth electrode testing
  • Thermal imaging testing
  • Conductance testing
  • Fault finding

Through the implementation of continued training programs internally and externally, and our affiliation with HV engineers, we can guarantee quality and workmanship plus adherence to industry standards for all our clients testing and commissioning requirements.