West Sussex County Council’s Tangmere Solar Farm producing more green energy than expected

Tuesday November 26, 2019

Solar farms developed by West Sussex County Council and installed by Arun Construction are generating more clean electricity than expected.

Tangmere solar farm, the first of its kind to be developed by the council for the period of 2018/19, produced 5,267 MWh of clean energy and preventing the release of 1843 tonnes of carbon dioxide. This exceeded the original performance estimate for the project with the additional electricity generated equating to the amount required to power and additional 108 homes!

After the success of the Tangmere project, Westhampnett solar farm was developed and connected in October 2018. The former landfill site now has an unsubsidised 7.4MW solar farm alongside a 4MW lithium ion battery being used to provide grid services.

Arun Construction Service are proud to be part of this forward looking approach and continue to provide their services for similar schemes that WSCC are developing.

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