Ham Manor Project, West Sussex

Friday January 31, 2020

The property had a water ingress which had previously been carried out by another builder/roofer with no success.

ACS removed the original coping stones and brickwork down to the first floor lintel level, replaced both lintels with “galvanised” new as the originals had completely failed and were causing the brick work to fail above the windows. ACS replaced the top 10 courses in a brick sourced to match the existing (despite 58 year age gap). Rather than use the original coping stones it was decided to form the coping stone “effect” in timber and weather in using “PRO GRP” ( Glass Reinforced Plastic) roofing products and to continue with the GRP down the inside face of the parapet wall and into the box gutter to complete a seamless GRP covering encapsulating the eaves, box gutter, parapet and “coping stone”.

The weather over the last few weeks has proved beyond doubt that the repairs carried out have been effective and the damp areas in the upstairs rooms have dried out. One happy customer!

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